Autumn in Montenegro is by far the best time to be there. The peak season is slowly dying down, which means you don’t have to fight countless amount of people for the best picture or the best spot on the beach. You can swim in the Adriatic Sea well into October since the temperatures are still at around pleasant 25°C, yet it is not too hot to explore around. But the best of it all are all the stunning autumn colours you get to experience. Here are 10 photos that will prove to you that autumn in Montenegro is something you want to experience.

Best view of Kotor you can get - from the wall that leads towards the Castle of San Giovanni.
Best view of Kotor Bay from the Lovcen National Park.
Beautiful autumn sunset overlooking the island of Sveti Štefan.
Scenary most people do not expect to see in Montenegro., lush green hills in the area of Lake Skadar.
Sitting on a Đurđeviča Tara bridge, overlooking the Tara Canyon.
One picture that describes what atumn in Montenegro is all about.
One of the villages you can find in the Durmitor National Park.
Just one of the beautiful river sources you can visit in Montenegro.
Part of the ring road around Durmitor National Park that offers some of the most amazing scenary in Montenegro.
The leaves slowly changing their colours and making Montenegro the place to be in autumn season.
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