About Me:

Name: Matthew Storer

Nationality: Australian

Age: 28

I grew up in Port Pirie, a tiny city located 3 hours north of Adelaide, South Australia's capital. It is a friendly community where everybody knows everyone and it is here in this remote town that I discovered my love of photography. Port Pirie is lucky to be located right next to the very famous Flinders Ranges. Never heard of it? Shame on you!

The Flinders Ranges seemingly has it all, everything from gorges, rivers and waterfalls in the winter to the out of control bush fires, snakes and wildlife in the summer. The Flinders Ranges spans over 430km (265mi) starting from my home town of Port Pirie and then heading north towards Lake Callabonna.

Now, don't get me wrong, not everybody would jump out of their skin to go and explore the Flinders Ranges, but this is my home, where my sense of adventure first began! Why do I love the Flinders Ranges? Landscapes, mountains, gorges, rock formations, lookouts and the history... trust me I can go on and on! It is truly a beautiful place to photograph, so I did.

As you can probably guess, I enjoy the solitary life, but don't get me wrong, I love meeting new people, socializing and listening to new and exciting stories. But some of my most memorable moments to date have been camping, hiking, photographing, location scouting, or just simply exploring. YES! I simply love the outdoors, trees rustling in the wind, waves crashing on the beach, the silence of mountain ranges or chirping birds waking you at the crack of dawn. Sound crazy? Welcome to my life! 

I first started photography from my overwhelming passion and sheer love of outdoor adventure. Overnight camping expeditions where the stars glisten in the night sky, vibrant sunrises to enlighten any heart, these moments have to be witnessed. I was tired of seeing blank faces after telling people about my adventures. Hence my passion of photography grew!

Wilpena Pound - South Australia

Innes National Park - South Australia

My hometown - Port Pirie

Sacred Canyon - Flinder Rangers

My Yearly Calendar!