A portfolio to display the BEST Australia Landscape Photography images by international landscape & travel photographer – Matthew Storer. Besides, read a full article about the best photography location in Australia – Best Photography Locations in Australia for Landscape Photography!

Finally, below is a collection of stunning images to showcase and encourage you to visit Australia!

As a result, all images displayed above are achieved with the Fujifilm X-T3 or Fujifilm X-H1. In addition, paired with multiple Fujifilm lenses including the XF 10-24mmXF 16-55mm & XF 55-200mm. However, You can view my complete Landscape Photography gear from Fujifilm here.

Top 10 Photography Locations in Australia

  • Innes National Park, South Australia
  • Kangaroo Island, South Australia
  • Great Ocean Road, Victoria.
  • Tasmania
  • Blue Mountains, New South Wales
  • Kimberly National Park, Northern Territory
  • Dunsborough-Margaret River, Western Australia
  • Rotterness Island, Western Australia
  • Red Centre, Northern Territory
  • The Pinnacles, Western Australia

Firstly, Australia is an incredibly beautiful destination to visit for any traveller & outdoor photographer. Secondly, learn how these images were taken and witness the natural beauty of Australia by watching my YouTube series here. Finally, if you have any questions about these images of Australia please contact me.

Permission’s required for personal or commercial use of these images. Images are copyrighted to Matthew Storer the owner of all images displayed on matthewstorer.com.