Autumn photos of the Balkans

Fall Photos of the Balkans, the fall season is the dream season for Landscape photographers! It’s the short period of the year where nature shows off its true colours! The cold misty morning makes you remember why you fell in love with the obsession of photography.

Autumn offers more than just vibrant leaves. Additionally, a mixture of weather conditions throughout the day allows you to experiment with your photography. Therefore, with everchanging weather conditions, this allows you to photograph rain, mist, sunshine, harsh light, golden light and possibly snow! Finally, below is a set of images that will inspire you to travel and capture fall photos of the Balkans

Fall Colours & Golden Light in the Durmitor National Park

Right place, the right time is the only expression needed for this image. Captured in the Durmitor National Park in the northern part of Montenegro. A storytelling image is what captivates me, the roads winding through the rolling hills. Additionally, the golden light and trees with the layers of mountains in the background! Finally, the image’s captured on the supreme XF 16-55mm F2.8 (one of three must-have lenses for any Fujifilm shooter!)

BEST Fall Photography Location in Europe!

Fall Colours Durmitor National Park Ring Panoramic Road

I know, I know drone photography – but wait, when it’s this good it’s allowed! Welcome to the hidden secret of Europe, Montenegro! In recent years Instagram has been my inspiration to capture fall photos. With locations in the States leaving me wondering if they are actually “real”? But after a recent trip to Montenegro, I can confirm it 100% true. Finally, an image with the DJI Mavic Air was the only way to show the beauty of the Durmitor National Park. In Addition, learn here why you need a drone.

Slovenia Landscape Photography - Matthew Storer #1
Zelenci at Sunrise in the Autumn Season

Zelenci, a natural spring located in the northern part of Slovenia. This location has to be one of the most beautiful places for landscape photographers. An image that’s been 5 years in the making, waiting for perfect lighting conditions during the short fall season. The best part of this beautiful location is it’s achievable to capture a perfect image during all 4 seasons! Lastly, the image was captured with the XF 10-24mm F/4.

Autumn Photography Workshop
Kortinica Valley at Sunset in Fall

One of my favourite locations and a place I have photographed multiple times which you can watch here. Kortnica Valley, a postcard image! The leading line of the road from the bottom right corner leading into a deserted house giving the image scale. The picture gets enhanced by the fall colours littered through the valley and the epic Julian Alps. Captured with the pin-sharp red badge XF 16-55mm F2.8 a lens I highly recommend for Fujifilm landscape photography. You can watch a full review here on my YouTube channel regarding this lens.

Fall in the Balkans

Lake Bled Island Zoomed during harsh morning light in Autumn

Lake Bled from an entirely different perspective. The traditional sunrise reflection image which you’ll see below is the norm from Lake Bled — achieving this image with the Fujifilm XF 55-200mm just after the sunrise. Capturing two photographs in one morning – thank you very much!

Goriska Brda Sunrise looking over Smartno Village

Sunrise overlooking Šmartno in Goriska Brda. Slovenia offers crazy amounts of diversity from the most significant cave system in Europe, rivers, lakes, mountains and stunning vineyards. Crazy to think that this is only from the Western part of Slovenia. You can join me on a Photography Workshop to reproduce all these images.

Sveti Tomaz morning fog with the Fall Colors

In 2019 I made a new years resolution to shoot more Panoramic images, mainly to capture this image! Sveti Tomaž, an iconic viewpoint for photographers in Slovenia, known for the low lying fog during the fall season. Unfortunately, on this attempt, I didn’t get the perfect sunrise light or low lying fog. Wish to learn how to shoot panoramics? Watch that here, or the one accessory you need to shoot panoramics. Captured with the Fujifilm XF 55-200mm.

Lake Bohinj Reflection during incredible Fall season

Five years in the making to capture this particular image above. I first imagined this image having lunch at Lake Bohinj all these years ago and knew it’d look best during the fall season with morning light. I was waiting over an hour for the sun to pierce through heavy clouds resulting in a five-year project complete.

Fall in the Balkans

Misty Forest in Maribor Slovenia

Simple, this particular image would be dull if it wasn’t for the low lying fog. Usually, this scene only has two elements, the fall colours and the leading line of the path scattered with fall leaves, but adding the mist adds a dynamic to the image of layers and mood emphasising a different element. It’s always good to your have eyes open as a Landscape Photographer during the fall season, all landscapes change and come alive around you. Fall Photos of the Balkans, why wouldn’t you come to photograph?

Lake Bohinj Sunrise Photography
Sunrise at Lake Bohinj Church in Autumn

An image I have attempted to capture for years but always appeared to fail. As remarkable as this scene is at Lake Bohinj with its moody skies sparking up the background. Unfortunately, it’s not solely what I imagined, calm water and low mist burning off the water’s surface and a little more pop in the sky would intensify the scene an extra 10%. The best thing is, this will not be going anywhere anytime soon.

Lake Bled Sunrie Reflection

Reflection perfection at Lake Bled. This scene is a classic and what has made 1000’s of Landscape Photographers flock to Slovenia to photograph. Autumn is a perfect time of year to travel to Slovenia and shoot the beautiful Lake Bled and its surroundings. I have made this accessible by offering photography workshops during this season and many others to replicate these stunning images. You can find out more information here.

Lake Jasna Sunset Autumn
Lake Jasna Sunset reflection during Autumn

Lake Jasna located in the northern area of Slovenia near Kranjska Gora – a paradise for Landscape Photographers. The best part about this location is not just the epic image you’re able to capture, but you’re ready to enjoy it with a bloody good coffee!

Fall in the Balkans

Soca River in Fall season

Fall Photos of the Balkans, in Slovenia. A new location for me this year usually shooting further down the famous Soca river. Located less than 1km from the Soca Spring, this image drew my attention due to the old bridge surrounded by fall colours. Additionally, this scene needed a polariser to cut through the glare on the water and removing any excess reflection on the surrounding wet rocks. (Learn how to use a polariser here) An image shot on the gorgeous Fujifilm 10-24mm F/4 – showing why you need to know how to use a wide-angle lens.

In conclusion, what do you find to be the place in the world to capture the fall colours? For me, the fall photos in the Balkans that I captured in 2019 was absolutely epic. Therefore let me know what your favourite photos are from this list?

Finally, comment on what place I must visit to photograph the fall colours around the world?