Fujifilm X-T40 - ALL NEW!

With ALL the exciting news lately being leaked about the Fujifilm X-T4, I am sitting here wondering what will the X-T40 offer us? However, with rumours speculating that the release of the X-T4 to once again be a cracker of camera.

In 2019 I did a complete review about the X-H1, calling it the perfect Fujifilm camera for its time even when compared to the X-T3 where you can watch a comparison video here. Multiple, but the smallest issues I encountered with the X-H1 at the time of review, battery life, flip screen and autofocus. As a result, the autofocus received an updated via firmware. However, the other minimal cosmetic changes need a body update.

Therefore, the rumours speculating that the X-T4 will offer a completely new battery, attached with a flippy screen. Additionally, the ever-increasing responsive autofocus already offered in the X-T3 may receive a small update.

However, if aimed at high-end sports photographers we may see an attached battery grip, similar to other manufacturers from Canon, Olympus and Nikon. Therefore, I can see some consumers, like myself, being put off from this ‘new’ body design. Hence, what will we see from the Fujifilm X-T40?

Could similar features be implemented in the X-T40 such as 4k @ 60fps, larger battery, flippy screen and autofocus performance? (Already saw from the X-T30) Usually, the X-T baby brother range is a stripped-down version of the larger X-T range. Therefore, my issues with the X-H1 not having the larger battery, autofocus and flippy screen may be fixed.


Thanks to Fujirumors.com for the information and hard work so we can obtain this information. Head over to there facebook page and website for more up to date information.

Fujifilm X-T40 Could it be the PERFECT Camera?

What do you think, could the X-T40 be another secret assassin in the Fujifilm line up? With my needs as a travel videographer, landscape photographer, and having a YouTube Channel, this could be a perfect camera for me and many others.

Speculations from the Fujirumors.com team have seen that the release should be around Feb 2021. What do you think? Am I dreaming and need to pull my finger out. I have used Fujifilm since the early days of the X-T1, investing heavily in the system which you can see from all my gear.

Let me know in the comments below, will the Fuji X-T40 receive the larger battery and IBIS? Or do you think it could be aimed at a different market altogether? Maybe you will stick with the discounts offered on the Fujifilm X-T3 at the moment?

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