Find out how it works with getting new property photos in Slovenia for your apartment, Airbnb or hostel.

Photos increase bookings – bookings increase sales!

Generally hosts are able to pay off their new photos within two bookings by receiving 24% more bookings at 26% higher nightly prices.




1. Request a photoshoot

Contact to schedule an appointment where both photographer and clients are happy with the time & date selected. Make sure your place is clean and tidy before the visit.




 2. Meet your photographer

The Photographer will spend time photographing your space. It’s always a good idea before the photographer arrives to have plans in your head what you would like shot of your area.




3. Receive photos & upload

Your new photos will be available 48 hours after the shooting date. Files are in JPEG format, both large and web domain sizes.

Images will be downloadable via a dropbox link.

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