Photographer Gift Ideas in 2020

Landscape photographer gift ideas for someone’s special day just around the corner? Here is a bunch of meaningful gifts for that photographer in your life (or you). Don’t break the bank, be thoughtful because trust me, photographers love something new and fashionable! Single? Pfff …screw it treats yourself, seriously who is going to tell you to stop buying things!

Here is a collection of thoughtful Landscape photographer gift ideas for that photographer in your life!

Disposable Camera

Something you can enjoy together! Going away soon? Take a photo a day to remember your trip, a timeless memory to look back on for years to come!

Camera Lens Coffee Mug

Every photographer, may I repeat, every photographer loves coffee. This will be the best lens in there camera bag, guaranteed!

Photography Book

Perfect coffee table addition, timeless piece of art!

Crystal Ball

Sorry no, it want tell your future, well it could if your future is going to be turned upside down! Get those cool unique shots to keep Instagram feed banging!

External Hard Drive

A photography gift to encourage that other half to keep shooting. The more you shoot, the more storage you need. External hard drives are always a great gift idea to keep those priceless memories stored safely.

Backup Battery

Perfect photography gift for those outdoor, adventure or travel photographers. Never be stuck again camping in the mountains, or shooting star photography time lapses with a back up battery pack.

Memory Card

A photographer can never have too many memory cards, backup for a breakdown or replace a full card. These SanDisk memory cards are a great gift idea.

SD Card Pouch

Keep all those memory cards safe in a tough SD card pouch where you’re protected from every element. Travel photographer, adventure photographer whatever type of photographer these are a great gift idea.

Flexible Tripod

The Joby GorillaPod is perfect for the photographer who wants to enjoys the outdoors, explore the mountains but most importantly travel lightweight. Strap this tripod to a tree, around a rock or rest it on the ground to get that cool unique shot!

Retro Camera Pencil Holder

This retro camera pencil holder is guaranteed to look better on the editing desk compared to a coffee mug from the kitchen. Plus I am an organisation freak!

Camera Cleaning Kit

Cheap, effective and always needed. Keep your camera kit clean and tidy just like the day you purchased it.

Camera Hot Shoe Level

Spend less time in post production and more time out in the field. Get that horizon straight in camera giving you more time to drink coffee and take photos!