Best Landscape Photography Locations in Albania

Today we’re going to be talking about Photography Locations in Albania. Photography in Albania is stunning, and not many photographers would consider Albania as their first choice for photography. Albania’s one destination that’s surprising for both travel and landscape photographers.

Two passions of mine are travelling less travelled and photography. As a result, I produce high-quality content that opens up peoples eyes to visit these “less travelled” countries. Doing this in Albania isn’t hard from photographing 2000+m mountains, coastlines, canyons and rivers. Photography in Albania from Northern to Southern you will have every type of photography covered.

Below are the best locations for Photography in Albania to make your life easier when planning a trip to Albania. If these don’t put Albania on your photography list, what will! 

Albanian Alps Photography

Komani Lake on route to Valbone is the first destination that will provide a ferry ride to remember. This journey, I recommend a standard zoom lens (24-70mm) to tell and portray a story through different focal ranges. There is enough light source to shoot with an aperture of f/5.6 to f/8, making sure everything, including the ferry to the mountains, are in focus. On the boat, this no need for a fast f/2.8 aperture and telephoto is challenging to shoot because it was challenging to represent scale.

Valbone Valley is a place where photography in Albania is going to explore one day. Shooting telephoto was hard once again due to the mountains being so close. On this journey, I went super lightweight, bringing a 16mm f/1.4 and 16-55mm f/2.8, which worked perfectly. If I’d had a 70-200mm, I’m almost sure I wouldn’t have used it.

Pro Tip: Save weight and use your legs to find different compositions.

Theth Valley is similar to Valbona in the way Telephoto images were hard to come by. More well known with photographers is the famous “Theth church at sunrise” an image that I have wanted to capture for many years and has been on my top 10 pictures to capture around Europe. I found myself wandering around Theth valley, wishing I had something a little wider than the 16mm. Completely honest, never being 100% restricted by this focal range. However, I enjoyed the limitations of minimal gear and having to “make” the composition work.

How to Improve Images in Albania

Hiking in the Albania Alps, I found the only way to portray scale was by adding a human element which I explained in my Vlog. I understand this isn’t everyone’s “cuppa” tea. By doing so, I captured one of the best images from my Albania series. (below) Shooting a panorama in the mountains wasn’t easy. I needed time, patience and skill to achieve this result. Shooting with the Fujifilm X-T3 at 16mm at F/7.1 stitching five vertical images together equated to a memorable image.

Albanian Riviera Photography Locations

Where to even start with photographing the Albanian Riviera? Endless possibilities at every stop are the simplest way to describe this stretch of coast. I had everything from a Drone, x2 cameras (photo & video) and 15-300mm (full-frame equivalent) to capture this beautiful place. But to be completely honest, I still felt overwhelmed and underprepared. I made a short film “Best of the Albania Riviera” which highlights an incredible overall package of just how extraordinary this place is, it’s hard to represent the sheer beauty of the Albanian Riviera.

I’ve always had a massive passion for photographing mountains, lakes and rivers, but this coast inspired me to shoot all day. The combination of shooting, relaxing and reflecting on the trip was balanced perfectly! I recommend shooting sunsets along the coast due to the way the sun physically sets, with a more extensive focal range between 16-35mm to tell a complete story. Emphasise, the foreground is shooting full while showing the beauty in the background.

Pro Tip: If you work hard on your composition the night before (e.g. focal range, orientation and balance) you can capture some beautiful sunrise but remember always pre-plan!

The real winner along the coast was the drone, shooting at Gjipe Beach, Ksamil and Lukova Beach just made the perfect composition from above!

Photography Locations Southern Albania

What if I said to you that my top 3 images in Albania are all captured from the roadside? Would you believe me?

In Albania, regardless of your fitness or photography level, the reward for effort ratio is exceptional. Little effort for maximum return, sounds great, doesn’t it! Not having to lug your heavy equipment up mountains, walk through canyons for hours or worst of all early morning hikes to capture the sunrise. If you watch my video journal throughout Albania, you will soon realise I didn’t break a real sweat, get “hangry” or look sleep-deprived from photography. (I hope!)

After a month of travelling Albania here is what I wish I knew before I left. Choose what specific photos you want to capture and at what time of day. While preparing for my trip, I was trying to structure my photography itinerary to suit my travel Itinerary. However, finding it hard to pinpoint precisely where I wanted to shoot. (hence why I am writing this blog) Due to this situation, it leads me to backtrack or spend more extended amounts of time in certain areas to capture a photo I wanted for my portfolio. Spending three days to achieve two photos sounds reasonable, but when you have a whole country to explore, it can become annoying. If I’d planned better before arriving this may have happened less, I’m not saying not at all, but less, its the photography game roll with the punches.

Albania's Best Landscape Photography Locations

Below is a map of photography locations in Albania. Clicking on the marker will give you a photo and also what time of day is best to shoot this location!

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