Prints & Digital Copies


All my images are available for printing or a downloadable digital copy. Images are shoot, edited & printed in 100% Adobe RGB, the images are saved in TIFF (no compression) format for printing or online use.  I must reiterate these images are a form of story telling from my adventures around the world, spending my hard earned money, time at locations, editing and marketing. I don't do this to make millions, or anybody else but only for my enjoyment. Yes - I need the money to keep this dream alive - which is where the support of people like "you" help me to fulfil my dreams every day!


Image Styles

Option 1: Image only - No Border

Option 2: Image with Coloured Border

Option 3: Image with Coloured Border & Text


Above are the three styles that are available for both Printing & Digital files. For Example: if you order a 16x20 print only (without a border) the print would actually be 16x20. But if you order the image with a border or border & writing the actual image size would only be 18x12. This is why it is extremely important to find out what size you need before ordering. The options are seriously limitless - best of all I am here to help all for free! :D

Option 1: Perfect for ordering digitally for the use of online marketing, tourism, blogs & private use. Although still available for print - just remember some of the image will get cut off by the frame!

Option 2: Perfect for printing, a sleek and stylish way to hang up any art piece on the wall. The border is available in any colour you desire to match the decor of your room. 

Option 3: Similar to Option 2 but with an extra added style. The writing is customised to however you want it in both style of writing and also what the text will actually say. I will make a default of the location if nothin is specified! 


Printing is made so simple these days thanks to online services, only 3 simple steps!

1. Choose the image & style.

2. Pay for it.

3. I send it directly to your house.

Yeah, seriously its that easy! I use an online company called Whitewall, there are so many reasons why I use this company - quality, ease of use, worldwide shipping, over 90 awards, present shipment & most importantly the customer service. Whitewall offers many styles of papers, canvas, framed, metal, photo books & gifts etc blah blah I could go on. What do I require from you? Contact me regarding which image you are after and I will give you specific sizes for what that image that can be printed. (For the techies out there I shoot in 4x3 on the Fuji (Mirrorless) and 3x2 with the Canon) What does this mean? Simply put it's a different aspect ratio, so in simple terms it changes the size the image can be printed (I can edit to a specific size - but can not guarantee the image will fit) Pricing is available on their website regarding papers and sizes. Still not sure? I am more than willing to help you all the way through this procedure to provide the best service possible to get what you are after. I have an account setup with Whitewall so after all the details have been organised I can give you a total price (including shipping worldwide) and process the purchase.

 Don't like whitewall for some reason - don't stress order a digital copy and get it printed anywhere!

Whitewall webpage - Change to your country (Not on there? Worldwide option) 

Digital Copy

Things just got a whole lot simpler. Yeh simpler again! Like an image of mine and wouldn't mind having it? First of all thank you, secondly it can be as simple as supplying me with your e-mail address and in return I supply you with a high quality (uncompressed) TIFF file with the image.

Digital copies still have to be edited to to a correct size and style - so don't forget to choose a style from above which you prefer. I will edit to your preference and supply the image within the next 24 to 48 hours. 

Sorry I can not supply uncompressed PSD files, flattened TIFF, PNG or JPEG files only. A waver form will needed to be signed and sent back before final order will be sent through for copyright purposes.

A one off $40 (AUD) payment for each image, discount will be given for numerous images.


The safest way for you & the safest way for me. PayPal is an online secured way to send money where we are both insured. As I am location independent and do not have a home address and rely so heavily on the online world this is the safest way for us both. If you do not wish to send money via PayPal please contact me and we can work something out! 

Please send money as a gift as PayPal may charge a small fee - please use your christian & surname as the reference!