Audio Presets Pack


Audio is KING! When it comes to creating those professional videos. It doesn’t matter if it’s YouTube, travel videos or working for high-end clients – audio is crucial to your storytelling.

When I first started with video, I focused heavily on capturing visual content. Soon I realised that 50% of the narrative’s told through audio. Therefore, I decided to invest in these presets to enhance my storytelling to deliver that crisp audio your video deserves!

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YouTube & Video Audio Presets

Need more? Save 40% with the – ULTIMATE BUNDLE Pack


Enhance your audio content on YouTube, Travel video or high-end clients videos with this Audio Presets Pack. Additionally, audio presets, including outdoor sound effects, male and female voices for both indoor and outdoor situations. Simple to use and easy to install. These are the same presets that I use when editing my videos. As a result, they can be viewed over on my YouTube Channel.

Preset Pack Includes Male & Female voices for Indoor & Outdoor, including 3 different tonal ranges, (something to suit everybody) Reverbs, Outdoor sound effect cleaner + MANY MANY MORE!

**ONLY .19 CENTS per preset, that’s saving you 100’s of sound design hours**

After payment, you’ll get redirected to a link containing a pfrpset file and installation instructions. These Audio Presets Pack are ONLY for premiere pro, NOT photoshop or any other editing software. If you’re having trouble installing, please read the included “how to install the presets” from the link.

These 52 Audio Presets Packs have saved me 100’s of editing hours. As a result, this allows me to get out in the field and produce more high-quality content. However, these Audio Presets are how I edit my videos for social media, my YouTube and including high end paying clients.

Finally, how often do you come home from holidays, shoots, or creating YouTube content and can not be bothered editing? In conclusion, That’s why I guarantee that these presets WILL speed up your workflow and free up 100’s of precious hours!

**Please DO NOT download these from your mobile phone! USE A DESKTOP OR LAPTOP COMPUTER!**