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Lightroom Presets

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These 24 Adobe Lightroom Fujifilm Presets will save you 100’s of hours in editing, creating more time for what’s important. Please don’t make the same mistake as me, wasting so much time editing and invest into these 24 Lightroom Presets to speed up your post-production workflow.

Do you take 100’s if not 1000’s of images while your away on holidays, soon to realise that you have to edit every single RAW image?

Don’t worry; I have a solution for you!

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24 Travel Lightroom Presets

These 24 Lightroom Presets Pack have saved me 100’s of editing hours. As a result, this allows me to get out in the field and produce more high-quality content. However, these Lightroom Presets are how I edit my images for social media, my portfolio and including high end paying clients.

Finally, how often do you come home from a photography shoot, holidays or gathering and can not be bothered editing the RAW files? In conclusion, That’s why I guarantee that these presets WILL speed up your workflow and free up 100’s of precious hours!

Architecture Greatness

Icelandic Touch

Matthew’s Preset

Cinematic HDR

Reflection Perfection

Waterfall Flow

Summer Storms


Cool HDR

Autumn Vibes

Black & White (Dark)

Desert Wilderness

Arctic Explorer


Northern Lights

Haze Cutter

Winter Wonderland

Winter Sunsets

Blue Hour

HDR Warmth

Travel Portraits

Noise Reducer

Sunset Warmth

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