Night Photography Course

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Night Photography Course – Learn how to plan, capture and editing like a pro! A complete beginners Night photography course focused on achieving beautiful night sky images. One ULTIMATE course teaching you all the basics you’ll ever need to know about night photography.

What’s Included?
✅ 4.5 hours of content
✅ 62 In-field + Editing tutorial lessons
✅ 288 Raw Images for Editing
✅ 24/7 Professional Assistance

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Online Photography Course

Beginners Night Photography Course

A MASTERCLASS Beginners Night Photography Course by professional and award-winning landscape & travel photographer, Matthew Storer. Throughout this course, I will share my entire workflow from everything I’ve learnt over the previous 20+ years of photography. After travelling to over 100+ countries around the world, I am finally able to share with your everything I have learnt. 

Have you ALWAYS dreamt of capturing stunning night photography images? This practical and professional night photography course will educate you with a simple step-by-step formula on the camera settings, procedures and planning. 

Secondly, this course will give you the confidence to capture images even if you’re a complete beginner!

Finally, get your camera off automatic and transform your night photography images to an entirely NEW level! Let me show you how to enhance your night photography skill by developing a basic understanding of camera settings, compositions and editing techniques. Furthermore, raise your night photography skills to an entirely new level with the advanced sections inside of this course.

If you’re struggling to edit your images, I have also created a 6-hour course on photo editing, which you can view here.

Night Photography Course Structure:

1: In the first module, we will understand the basics of Night photography and what we’re going to achieve in this course.

2: Module number two, we will explore the camera equipment required for night photography. We are covering all the necessary equipment needed to capture impressive results. Furthermore, we will look at additional intermediate and more advanced equipment for when you up to your night photography skills.

3: Module number 3 we will begin to look at the basics of photography, discover and understand all about ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed. An essential module to learn and understand for when we head out and do the practical assessments in this course.

4: In this section, we will look at more advanced basics in Night Photography – EXTREMELY important for achieving the best results.

5: Pre-Planning is typically overlooked in Night photography. Therefore in this module, we take a look at why it’s so important and how it can help you get the best results for your night photography.

6: Out in the field, putting all our knowledge of what we’ve previously learnt and putting it into practice.

7: Understanding the importance of Composition in photography, and we take a look at basics compositions to achieve the BEST night photography images. Foreground, reflection, scale, cityscape and much much more!

8: Ramping up the difficulty but achieving the BEST results we can for our night Photography. Focus Stacking, Milky Way, Time Lapse, Star Trails, and so much more unique images to create in these lessons.

9: It’s finally time to finish our work out in the field with everything we’ve learnt over the previous eight lessons paying off. In this module of image editing, we generalise post-production from an overall perspective to suit all types of software.

Course Overview:

What to expect from the perfect Beginner Night photography Course by Matthew Storer:

  • Night Photography Camera Basics
  • Night Photography in field Basics
  • Image Editing for the ENTIRE course images!
  • Step-by-step easy to follow procedures
  • All RAW files for post-production
  • Personal Support for comments & questions
  • Learn necessary advanced techniques for night photography
  • Learn my entire workflow from beginner to intermediate.

ALWAYS REMEMBER! I’m delighted to answer all your questions! Head over and join the Facebook page for further inspiration, comments and follow up feedback about future images!

Create those unique night sky images that you’ve always dreamt of capturing!

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