Private Photography Lessons


Private Photography Lessons with a professional and award-winning photographer. Whatever struggles you are having, image processing, photography, business or social media – together we can sit down make a plan and overcome whatever struggles you are having. Invest in yourself and stop struggling with your photography!

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Online Private Photography Lessons

Online Private Photography Lessons tailored made to fit your individual needs. Firstly, are you just starting with photography and need assistance with your night photography, landscape or nature photography? Well, let’s arrange a time to discuss what you wish to understand so you can start capturing those images you’ve always dreamt about!

Secondly, are you ready to take the leap and start your own photography business but unsure where to start? Let me help you with a private photography business lesson that will help you get off your feet and avoid the mistakes I made when I was starting.

Lastly, are you trying to crack the social media game but seem to be getting nowhere? Lucky I have an education in social media management and marketing that will be able to help you out. We’ll sit down work out a social media plan that will help you get up off your feet, bring your more recognition or clients depending what you’re purpose is. Social media today is difficult and almost impossible to stand out; that’s what a marketing strategy is crucial!

Before our designate time together, we’ll discuss specific goals and Interests that you’re looking to address. These discussion topics typically range from, but are not limited to:

  • In-Field Camera Workflow
  • Image Review & Critique
  • Editing an Image Together
  • Post Processing Tips & Best Practices
  • Printing & Selling Prints
  • Starting a YouTube or Social Media Presence
  • Starting a Photography Business

What’s Included:

  • 60 or 120 Minute Virtual 1-2-1 Session
  • Session Screen Record with Audio
  • Screen Sharing Capability
  • Follow up lessons (Discounts apply)

Have more questions? Go ahead, ask away...