Real Estate Photography Slovenia 

Firstly, Property photography is the most crucial part of renting or selling your property. For example, it’s the first connection a possible client will have between themselves and your property.

  • Do you want to increase your bookings in 2020?
  • Need to update your apartment photography photos?
  • Or have a new property to advertise in 2020?

In conclusion, whatever your reason, photos are the first interaction on a booking site. Therefore, don’t be left behind by advertising outdated or boring photos, be ahead of your competition. As a result, being booked out in the offseason or for longer periods throughout the year.

Finally, book an appointment now for property or real estate photography in Slovenia to update or upgrade your apartment, Airbnb or Hostel display photos. Find out how it works here.

What will this help?

  • 40% increase in earnings – Hosts with professional photos tend to earn more than other hosts in their area.
  • 24% more bookings – Therefore, photos are one of the top reasons guests choose to book.
  • 26% higher nightly price – As a result, hosts being able to raise their nightly price after upgrading their photos.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Make sure your home is tidy and clutter-free before the shoot. We also recommend reviewing the checklist below for more tips. After you’ve scheduled a photo shoot, here are some tips to help you prepare:

  • Open any blinds or curtains to allow natural light in

  • Organise or put away objects that clutter your space, and remove any valuables you don’t want to be photographed

  • Think about how you might want to highlight amenities your guest will enjoy

  • Make your bed with clean sheets

  • Tidy up surfaces and bedside tables

  • Open the shower curtain, clean the bathroom mirror, and close the toilet lid

  • Fold your guest towels

  • Consider accessibility features that may help your guest

After the shoot, the photographer will edit and upload your photos to dropbox, here you will be able to download the images ready to upload your listing. This process typically takes about 48 hours, any longer than 7 days and a 100% money-back guarantee.

You’ll receive a set of 2-3 photos per room. Each photo will follow recommended style guidelines, which means they’ll be naturally lit, warm, and inviting for potential guests. You can learn more about the photography style below.

You won’t be charged until the photos are e-mailed back and both parties are happy with the shoot. If you choose to cancel before the shoot, you won’t be charged.

Please give the photographer at least 24 hours’ notice if you need to reschedule or cancel your photoshoot. To reschedule, contact the photographer directly by phone or e-mail.

Your photographer will start by walking through your space, and they may recommend some light adjustments (pillows fluffed, toilet seats down). Make sure your area is photoshoot-ready before they show up.

The amount of time a photoshoot takes depends on the size of your space. By preparing your area before the photographer arrives, you’ll get the most out of your shoot.

Keep in mind that photographers will only shoot the number of rooms that you included in your request. For example, if you request a photoshoot for a three-bedroom apartment and you have seven bedrooms, the photographer will only shoot three bedrooms.

Once your space is ready, the photographer will set up their equipment and start taking photos.

Here are some additional things to know about our photographers and their process:

Photos highlight what makes your apartment beautiful and unique while helping to set your guests’ expectations. To make sure images accurately represent your home, our photographers follow a set of specific guidelines during the shoot.

Photographers will not use:

  • Fisheye lenses to make rooms appear larger than they are.

  • Flashes to enhance the brightness of the space

  • Over-processing to unnaturally amplify details.

  • Unusual angles that wouldn’t be seen by someone standing normally in the space.

To ensure that photos use only natural lighting, we’ll only schedule photoshoots for daylight hours. Exterior shots may be organised for sunrise, sunset, or at night but may incur an extra fee.

Yes, the property & apartment photography is done all over Slovenia. Please contact Matthew for further information, fees may apply for travel expenses over 15km from Bled.