BEST Travel Photography Accessories for 2020

Below is my list of must-have Camera Accessories for 2020. If you love travelling, photography and videography, this is a simple gear list of items I’ve upgraded in 2020 that has helped me immensely. These items will benefit any travel photographer in one way or another. Therefore, I will explain why I purchased, how I use, and if each bit of gear is right for you and your photography needs!

Top 10 Camera Accessories for 2020!

  1. ThinkTank Red Whips
  2. Peak Design Anchor Links
  3. SMALLRIG Folding Tool Set
  4. SanDisk Extreme Portable External SSD
  5. Anker PowerCore Portable Charger
  6. Formatt Hitech Step-Up Ring
  7. Freewell Magnetic Circular Polarizer
  8. Rode Wireless GO
  9. BOLING BL-P1 LED Full Color Light
  10. Atlas Athlete Camera Pack

Best photography accessories under $100

ThinkTank Red Whips – For ANY photographer this is a must-have item going forward in 2020. I use the red whips on a daily bases to keep cables organise, tie food up or organising cables on a days shoot.

In conclusion, they are inexpensive, practical and lightweight making this a MUST HAVE item on this for the minimalist & travel photographer.

Peak Design Anchor Links – Before you scroll down because of your sick of hearing about the Peak Design Straps. Hear me out! Yes, the Peak Design anchor links do help me to carry around my camera all day. But, where they separate themselves from ‘normal’ straps, for me, is the videography side. Now, being able to change from shooting on a gimbal to handheld in a matter of seconds. Utilising a neck strap when shooting handheld video gives you three anchor points for smooth footage.

Finally, I demonstrate this in my youtube video, which you can watch here.

SMALLRIG Folding Tool Set – A toolset so small you wouldn’t even know you’re carrying it. The toolset weighs in at only 79grams meaning this bit of gear packs a massive punch for its size. Are you continually looking for Allen keys, screwdrivers or flat blade to tighten tripods, l-brackets or screws?

The Smallrig folding toolset is your solution! It doesn’t matter if your travel, indoor photographer, riding a bike or your fingers don’t function due to cold weather. Throw this in your camera backpack and it’ll be your solution on a rainy day!

MUST HAVE Travel Photography Accessories

SanDisk Extreme Portable External SSD – SSD drives will not help out your photography skills, but will speed up your workflow. This will enable you to get back in the field and create more content! Perfect for travel photographer or videographer as they are tiny, lightweight and best of all they are tough. Not only will they speed up your workflow, but they are more rugged than the standard HDD drives.

Watch how they’ve advanced my workflow by x4 here!

Anker PowerCore Portable Charger – A power bank for any travel and adventure photographer is a necessity. Not purely for the photography side, but additionally safety! If you love adventure like me, camping in the middle of nowhere in Kyrgyzstan or campervan in the northern part of Scotland, this will be a lifesaver.

It’s versatile as it doubles up as spare batteries for the fuji if I’m shooting time-lapse or star photography. Then during a day, it’s got sufficient capacity to charge my smartphone after a full day of hiking using the GPS on my maps.

Photography Accessories for Beginners

Formatt Hitech Step-Up Ring – If you watch my YouTube content, you’ll know I am not huge of using filters. But, as a landscape photographer, I understand that you also need filters to create results that can only be composed in-camera with the use of a filter. Using multiple lenses from the Fujifilm line-up this equates to different filter thread sizes. Rather than buying various sizes, I instead invested into these beautiful step-up rings from Formatt Hitech allowing me to own just 1, 82mm CPL filter.

Pro Tip: It’s cheaper to replace a step-up ring compared to an expensive filter.

Freewell Magnetic Circular Polarizer – Freewell has created something I have dreamt about for the past two years. Minimalist, lightweight and ease of use is something I adore in photography, especially when travelling through remote countries. Freewell has produced a magnetic filter system in multiple thread sizes, allowing you to remove the filter within seconds. Doubling up with the step-up rings mentioned above, this is a system made in heaven for travel photographers.

A polarizing filter is something you need as a landscape photographer, which you can read or watch here. Freewell has made this extremely simple and must have Camera Accessories for 2020!

BEST Video Accessories for 2020!

Rode Wireless GO + Lav Mic – Rode’s always progressing forward when it comes to top-quality audio gear. A perfect solution for the travel/minimalist photographer, being small, lightweight but most importantly discreet. Making it an ideal set-up for any documentary shooter, YouTubers, interviews, travel or wedding videographers.

Additionally, paired with the Rode Lav Mic, it creates crisp, clean sound at a fraction of the cost. My audio sucked for many years on YouTube and professional clients – this is and was the solution for me!

BOLING BL-P1 LED Full Color Light – One light, with 100’s of uses! Good quality light can be cumbersome, but any travel/adventure photographer will always travel with a LED and a headtorch. Night photography, light painting, tent, campervan, and vlogging are some of every day uses for this light panel. Setting a custom kelvin temperature, unique effects and having a RED hue for night photography. Incredibly convenient – something you won’t realise until you own one.

This light is more expensive then it’s competitors but for a good reason. In addition, It charges via USB-C and lasts 140mins on full power – perfect for travel photographers!

BEST Camera Bag Accessories in 2020

Atlas Athlete Camera Pack – Firstly, I could talk about this backpack all day. Secondly, this is the ultimate travel & adventure photographers camera backpack for multiple reasons – safety, comfort, discreet, organisation and multipurpose.

Lastly, A complete review explaining why I personally believe this is the BEST Travel Camera Bag on the market. You can watch here or read all about it here. Really interested? You can purchase the backpack here.

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