Looking for some great ideas on what to get your travel partner on Valentines Day? Yes, we also agree there is no better gift than time spent together but here is a list of gifts we know your travel partner will love. So no matter if you are planning your next big adventure or you are already on it here is a Valentines day gift guide to keep your significant others “love” for travel.


Capture those special moments you have together. Nowdays, when we keep everything on our phones or computers there is nothing cuter than have actual pictures you can put on your wall.


Keep track of yours and your loved ones adventours. While you wait for your next trip, this map will remind you off all the great countries you've already seen. Start ''scratching'' now


No more going through your bag to find that passport or looking around where is that boarding pass you just had in your hand. Keep everything in one place with this handy passport wallet. You can even store your phone in there so you can have all your valuables with you at all times.


For people who like to keep track of their travels even when they don't have a computer. Those blank pages are just calling for some pictures, names of friends that you meet etc. Yes you can do all that on your phone, but there is something special putting a pen to paper.


Less space used for a towel means more space for buying souvenirs that will remind you of your travels. The towel comes in variety of sizes and colors, it's perfect for every backpack.


Mabye it doesn't look like the most romantic gift ever, but who doesn't like their phone or computer batter be at 100% in every country of the world?

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