Northern Lights Photography Tour - Tromsø

Northern Lights Photo Tour in Tromsø :

Are you an adventurous person who loves photography? Then our Northern Lights Photography Tour in Tromso is the perfect expedition for you. In this tour we "hunt" to capture the northern lights while embarrassing Norwegian culture.

Join us for a fantastic Arctic Low Light Tour to the magical Tromsø, the capital of the Northern Lights. In this 5-day trip, you will be guided by Wilderness Guide Maurice van den Boogaard of Surviking and international landscape photographer Matthew Storer to learn how to photograph in low light conditions. We will educate you on camera settings, compositions, astrophotography and capturing the Northern Lights.

Our photography trip will consist of exploring the best locations around Tromso in the thrill of capturing the Northern Lights. Our time-based in Tromso we'll spend in a Norwegian Cabin (hytte) including one adventurous night in a mountain hut, this is all to maximise our chance to capture the Northen Lights. On the last evening, we will spend the night in a hotel in Tromsø.


The program is not fixed and can change throughout the trip due to unforeseen circumstances. Below is an itinerary overview on what to expect during the 5-day workshop. 

Sunday 15th December: 

Arrive at Tromsø Airport. Included transfer to Basecamp in Tromsø. 


  • Understanding our camera gear.

  • Camera settings for low light photography.

Monday 16th December: 

Landscape photography at several locations around Tromsø while learning our first photography lessons.  

Minimal snowshoeing if snowshoes are necessary to get on the location. Snowshoes and trekking poles included. 


  • Putting the lessons learnt from the previous night into action.

  • We are reviewing our images for pros and cons to work on for future sessions.

Tuesday 17th December: 

Morning shoot at numerous extraordinary landscape locations around Tromsø. Expanded our skillset in the morning's shoot with lessons previously learned. Guides will work with individuals in the morning session to master a skill that needs improving. 

In the afternoon, a dinner at the Sami and Sami culture Workshop. 


  • Expand and master an individual skill. 

Wednesday 18th December: 

Adventure time! Today we grab our camera gear, snowshoes and hike to the DNT-mountains. With camera batteries fully charged and an overnight stay in the Norwegian mountain huts in pursuit to capture the stunning Northern Lights. 


  • Understand composition, focus and exposure for Northern Lights 

  • 1-1 in-field training to capture the "perfect" photo. 

Pro Tips - How to time-lapse the Northern Lights. 

Thursday 19th December: 

In the morning we hike back towards Tromsø before heading to the hotel later in the day. Photography will continue throughout the day with locations being close to Tromsø. Your last opportunity to get in field tutorials to master the skills we have learnt over the previous week. 

Not Included: Dinner in Tromsø (You can choose what you want) 

Free program in the evening: Sit down 1-1 with a professional guide, asking questions regarding photography or post-production. 

Friday 20th December: 

Breakfast at the Hotel Tromsø. 

Included transfer to Airport. 

Arctic Low Light Tour Topics:


  • Birth of Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)

  • Dinner & Workshop at the Sami culture

  • Safety in the wilderness

  • How to survive the cold condition


  • Understand composition and framing

  • How to focus during Low Light

  • Camera settings for astrophotography

  • How to shoot in manual mode

  • Understand ISO in low light

  • Lenses & Camera settings

  • Finding your photography story, what is your story?

What do I Lens?

Low light Lens

A larger aperture lens, for example, F/2.8 to F1.4, will allow more light to pass through the lens to the sensor of the camera. Compared this to an F/4 aperture, this will not allow as much light through the glass, meaning you will have to bump up the ISO of the camera introducing more noise into the image. It’s ok if you don’t understand we cover this extensively through the workshop.

Also, a wide-angle zoom or prime lens ranging from 12mm-35mm in full-frame equivalent will increase our image achievement while capturing the Northern Lights. This being achieved by the wider the focal range in combination with an F/2.8 aperture will allow for the maximal intake of natural light.

Camera with high ISO capabilities

The higher the ISO value of your camera, the more light the camera can enhance. But the higher the ISO value, the more noise. Every camera + lens combination has a sweet spot for quality and noise performance to create the best image your system can, which of course we will help you find. 

Brands such as Fuji and Sony are known for their low light performance capacities.


A tripod is essential for low light photography, keeping the camera still for a sharp image with long exposure times. Throughout the tour, we will explain the importance of when and when not to use a tripod to improve your photography skills. 


Do not be discouraged by the above information. At the end of the day, your eyes are the most important thing to take a good photo. Our main aim is to help you capture the world, how you see it. 

A inexpensive camera will still capture a perfect location but a good camera will not make a perfect location!

More questions? Ask away…

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Tour Info:

Dates: 15th - 20th of December 2019

13th - 18th of December 2020

Duration: 5 Days / 4 Nights

Location: Tromsø, Norway

Group Size: 4 - 7 People

Price: 1199€ per person for 2019 ONLY

Price: 1399€ per person


1299 - UNTIL JULY 2020

Tour Guide: Maurice Van Den Boogaard

Photography Guide: Matthew Storer

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Equipment Needed:

  • DSLR with Low Light Capabilities

  • Low Light Lenses (f1.4 - f2.8 Recommended)

  • Hiking Boots

  • Water Bottle + Food


  • Wilderness & Photography Guide

  • 3 Nights Tradition Norwegian Cabin

  • 1 Night Norwegian Mountain hut

  • 1 Night Hotel Stay

  • Dinner & Cultural Workshop at the Sami

  • Food throughout the tour

  • Snowshoes & poles

  • Transportation

Not Included:

  • Flights

  • Camera Equipment

  • Clothing & Footwear

  • Dinner Last night at Hotel

  • Travel & Camera Insurance

  • Northern Lights Warranty.


  • Baselayer (Top & Bottom) 

  • Hard-shell jacket (Wind & Waterproof) 

  • Midlayer (fleece) 

  • Outdoor Pants 

  • Handshoes 

  • Socks 

  • Shoes (Waterproof Prefered)  

  • Underwear 

  • Winter Cap 

  • Gaiters 


  • Toiletries 

  • Snacks 

  • Towel 

  • Dry sack (keeping clothing dry in the backpack) 

  • Travel Documents 

  • Money + Bank cards 

 Please note, no cotton! Cotton absorbs a lot of moisture and never gets dry again in winter circumstances. You can cool down considerably, and this can be dangerous. 

Contact Information:


+386 69 632 050


+316 41 786 313


Our start/assembly point is Tromsø Lodge & Camping. We will pick you up at the airport in Tromsø and ensure that you will arrive on time at the airport on your departure day. 



Food is provided for the entire week, except for dinner at the hotel on the last evening.

The first three days we’ll supply a box with groceries per cabin. Tuesday afternoon we’re having a traditional dinner at the Sami.

Wednesday afternoon, evening and Thursday morning we will be eating from Adventure Food packages provided by Surviking. These meals are easy to make. With cold water, you make your breakfast, and hot water, you'll make lunch and dinner. The calories will be around 1800 a day. 

You'll receive a thermos on loan from us. So, you're always having a bottle of warm water with you for a coffee or tea. Maurice has a stove also to boil water during these days. 


You’ll receive a discount at the following web shops: - 10% Discount use code SURVIKING - 10% discount use code SURVIK2019 - 10% discount with your e-mail conformation